Artist Bio

Tamsin’s enthusiasm and love of art has been with her from an early age, but it’s in recent years that she’s had the opportunity to pursue, develop and refine her skill as an artist, in particular painting abstracts with the use of resin. She started on her artistic journey by painting colourful seascapes, then covering them in resin. She quickly fell in love with the look of resin art and after much experimenting with resin and other mediums, she started to create stunning abstract pieces. It was at that point, she realised what she wanted to be as an artist.

Tamsin lives in the English county of Devon, a beautiful and inspiring place to live. She feels so grateful to live close to the sea and countryside that she finds it a natural drive to create her art.

Tamsin has developed her own unique style of art through the use of resin. Both beautiful and captivating, the high gloss finish of the resin gives the paintings a mysterious depth to them. Due to the very fluid nature of the resin, each piece is unique and cannot be replicated. They are truly one off, fascinating works of art. These beautiful contemporary abstract pieces would look good in any home or office space and commission pieces can be colour matched to complement their surroundings.