Artist Statement

I love using resin in my artwork. It looks like glass, so incredibly shiny and reflective. For me these one off, unique pieces of resin art have a depth and beauty like nothing else. Please if you get the chance, go and see some resin art with your own eyes as photographs just don’t do it justice.

I use many different mediums in my paintings. For example, I often use resin along with fluid acrylics, inks, glitter, mica powders and spray paint. The tools I need are my trusty blow torch and heat gun which help create the beautiful details. It’s taken me years to develop my own style of using resin, to work out how to get the effects I want, with many attempts and experiments!

I am influenced by the beauty we see around us on a daily basis…the amazing colours of the sky, the sea and all of nature which inspires me to create.

Just a little insight into my world of resin painting!

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